Adrienne Kromm

Adrienne Kromm

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, I am passionate about contributing to the City and the Lakehead District School Board. I would bring the following perspective & approach to the position of School Board Trustee.

The School Board should:

• Promote a well-rounded education & not just “teaching to the test”

• Help students discover their strengths and excel in them

• Balance providing a foundational education and meeting the needs of each individual child

• Foster in students a love for learning that lasts throughout their education & life

• Support the emotional & mental well-being of students

• Make evidence-based decisions with comprehensive consultation

• Expand the range of educational experiences with the community and businesses

• Encourage and expand student civic engagement opportunities

• Provide ethical and fiscally responsible leadership

As former student of the Lakehead District School Board and a coalition member of Roots of Empathy, which teaches children about empathy, I would be committed to improving the educational experience of both students and staff.

Vote Adrienne Kromm for Lakehead District Public School Board Trustee.

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2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections