Ashley Nurmela

Ashley Nurmela

I am a wife and mother of four wonderful children, and work full time as the First Nation, Metis & Inuit Liaison officer at the Lakehead Public School Board. I attended Confederation College as a mature student and graduated with honours in 2016. I am an Anishninabe Kwe from Opwaaganasiniing (Lake Helen Reserve). I am rooted in the northern community and have lived in Thunder Bay with my family since 1999. As a resident and grass roots leader in Thunder Bay we share similar experiences and I will work to ensure our needs in the north are not forgotten.

I am a firm believer that the honor of one is the honor of all, therefore I will give this city the same 110% I have already been giving it at the grassroots level. I sit at various tables that allow me to have a unique view of what it takes to operate our city. Assist me in being the voice for YOU.

➢ Making our community safer through partnerships ➢ Unifying our city toward ending homelessness ➢ Working to ensure our infrastructure is current

This is our home; I will always put my best foot forward for us all

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2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections