Bill Mauro

Bill Mauro

Bill is a lifelong resident of Thunder Bay. He was a plumber (local 628), a teacher and then a property manager when he was elected as Northwood Councilor in 1997 serving for six years. In 2003 Bill became an MPP in Thunder Bay for fifteen years, serving as a Cabinet Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing, Minister of Natural Resources, and Northern Development and Mines.

Bill initiated the city physician recruitment program to bring doctors and specialists to Thunder Bay and has always made health care a priority. Bill worked continuously to ensure our hospital received state of the art equipment. Bill brought the angioplasty program to the city and ensured the new cardiac care program will be coming to Thunder Bay.

Bill sees the opportunity to grow our community by dealing with the very real challenges that exist. Some of Bill’s priorities over the next four years include: value for taxpayer dollars, keeping our local businesses competitive, reducing the levels of crime, growing our economy, ensuring roads and infrastructure are enhanced, and improving health care.

Bill has always believed that being elected to office is a privilege that comes with the responsibility of ensuring that the first priority is working hard every day and making a positive difference for everyone he represents.

As Mayor, Bill will focus on the needs of the city and the people who live here. His priority will always be to help build a brighter future for the city of Thunder Bay.

Work:  (807) 625-3600


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