Cheri Lappage

Cheri LappageI’m a mom and School Council Chair. An involved parent, I understand the needs and challenges we currently face. My experience in media, provincial government program delivery and communications makes me a dynamic voice for today’s issues and tomorrow’s opportunities.

After running the Choose Hammarskjold campaign fighting keep it open, it became apparent that we need fresh ideas, new perspectives and parents at the decision table. As a Trustee, I will:

Promote Positive Relationships & Communication

We need a school board that listens, is engaged, and is part of our school communities. As a Trustee, I’ll spend time with students, staff, school councils and families to understand the unique character and challenges at each of our schools. It’s this approach that has made me such a powerful advocate for Hammarskjold HS.


Support Student Success & Inclusion

Our job is to develop the academic, physical and social needs of our students, ensuring everyone feels welcome and valued. We’ve made great strides, but we can do more!

I want to see our board:

  • Find new ways to support and include students with special needs.
  • Bring The Blanket Exercise to every school so our students understand the history of Canada’s Indigenous peoples.
  • Reach out to families new to Canada.
  • Stand up for our students and continue to teach the 2015 Sex-Ed curriculum.

Together, we can create a dynamic school board. It’s going to take energy, enthusiasm, and real change, so let’s get started!

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2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections