Chris "KRUMPS" Krumpholz

Chris "KRUMPS" Krumpholz

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, I have been an active member of the community my entire life. While some roles are volunteer and others not, I have been fortunate to experience many great things about the community, which is mainly its people. This community comes together in times of crisis and celebration, however it is for all the in between times, that I look to stimulate engagement and communication in the community.

We (myself and each other) may not always see eye to eye but it is through open forums, we can create a positive dialog with the intent on exuding civic pride. I would also like to take a more proactive role with colleagues, community partners, groups etc in lobbying efforts, to collectively project the community voice. We need to look to our youth, and foster their engagement, so that we can build on the future of the community and instill a civic pride so that we can pass the torch to them.

Finally, as a community it is important to remember everyone's voice MATTERS (even the whisperers) and as councilors we need to liaise for the people. It is not only important to speak to people and listen, but when LISTENING we must actually HEAR what is being said. I will be one vote of thirteen but I promise this, I will hear you and do my best to represent you. 

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2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections