David George Noonan

David George Noonan

I am committed to my City, community and neighbourhood.

Safety: Our city needs to help our police services by creating safety though social services, through community action and activities, and by bring more employment opportunities.

Environment: With the state of our environment today, our city needs aggressive policies regarding climate change and storm water management. I want to see more options for waste diversion in both residential and corporate Tbay.

Taxes & Economy: Our city council needs to be wise with tax dollars. We need a council who is willing to not build the city outwards when our population is stagnate. Thunder Bay needs to adopt a Strong Towns model. I want to see Thunder Bay grow with a Retention Plan for our young families.

Inclusion: We have an opportunity to address racism in a real way over the next four years. I am committed to building the relationships with the Indigenous community.

Red River and Thunder Bay, I am ready. I hope to earn your trust, support and vote.


David George Noonan




2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections