Don (Donald) McLeod

Don (Donald) McLeod You may ask yourself, WHY Don McLeod?

Let me tell you why I feel I will be your best representative.
I’m one of you. I have done many things in this community over my lifelong residency.

I have delivered your bread, I have been your grocer, I have helped maintain your home by installing windows and doors. I have taught motorcycle safe driving and I have driven the children of the community safely to school.
I’m here for you, my fellow community members.

I will work to improve our lifestyle, I will stand up for what you the community members feel are the major issues in our area. I will fight to see crime reduced, roads repaired and taxes levied fairly.

WHY Now. Now because I have the time. Now because I have the will. Now because I want a cleaner, safer place for your family and mine to continue to enjoy the beautiful city we have.

Don (Donald) McLeod 


2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections