Ed Hailio

My name is Ed Hailio and I was born in Port Arthur now Thunder Bay in 1948 and am a life long resident of Thunder Bay. My working life was spent with the Sask. Wht Pool grain terminals. I am a person who demands truth, honesty, responsibility and accountability. I also believe, do not demand of others that which we will not give ourselves.

It is said that if we live by the truth then the truth will come to us. This is true. All my life I have pursued for the truth about what government really is and it finally came to me although late in life. It is my full intention to get the truth about government out because this is where all that plagues us originates from. Government must be changed but not through violence. Once the truth is out government will change.

It is imperative this change takes place as quickly as possible. I believe in the residents of Thunder Bay to be the people and the place to start this change. There is none better. This is why I have entered this mayoralty race.

email. sachmo@tbaytel.net

2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections