Frank Pullia

Frank Pullia

Why am I running for Mayor?

I have a vision to help make Thunder Bay the kind of city we can all be proud to call home.

How are we going to accomplish that?

By providing a clear sense of direction through the following priorities:

1. Better economy and job creation for a more prosperous future for all

2. Better run city for lower taxes and water rates, maintain and invest in infrastructure like roads, and 3. A stronger and safer community for all, inclusive, progressive and welcoming…

My background and experience: 

  • My work experience in all facets of the industries that form the backbone of our economy 
  • Interactions with all levels of government during and after my term on City Council 
  • The various strategic planning, financial management, marketing, tourism, and community economic development projects I have worked on in the city and region over the years as a Certified Management Accountant 
  • The volunteer work with many charitable, Not-for-Profit, community and social organizations 
  • My ability to get results by working in cooperation with others, by looking for win-win solutions, and 
  • An unwavering dedication to Thunder Bay's future prosperity..

provides the leadership skills and values to implement winning strategies to help create good paying jobs, ensure low taxes, address the core issues of crime prevention and safety, and maintain a good standard of living and quality of life for all citizens.

Phone: 807-629-6008
Web site:

2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections