Father James Panikulam

James Panikulam


VALUES MATTER - Today’s youth are growing up in a world that is complex and challenging.  Their beliefs, their values, and the dignity in which each person is to be held are challenged.  In our Catholic schools it is important that we strengthen the relationship between school, church, and home.  The values at the foundation of our schools, and that form the basis of their commitment to service in the community, make a real difference in the lives of our students.   I am committed to strengthening the special characteristics of Catholic education. 

THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT MATTERS - Since my ordination as a priest for the diocese of Thunder Bay in 1992, I have seen the positive difference that Catholic education can make in the lives of students.  I believe that the personal character provided by this education is important in today’s world.

CATHOLIC EDUCATION MATTERS - Being involved in Catholic education has been a privilege.  I have been the pastor at St. Agnes Parish since 2004.  I have provided spiritual guidance to teachers and staff, helped with religious education programs in the schools, taught the OECTA religious education course and worked with our youth programs.  I believe that a Catholic school must be more than a place where students gain knowledge.  Catholic education must provide deeper values that will guide our students throughout their lives.

It is with the deepest respect that I ask for your support.

Father James Panikulam

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