Jamie Cressman

Jamie Cressman

My name is Jamie Cressman, a homeowner and business proprietor in the Current River Ward, seeking your vote for Ward Councillor. I interact with ward residents on a daily basis and receive regular feedback regarding Ward issues. These include but are not limitded to the following:

* Roads and infrastructure * Fostering safe neighborhoods * Parks and play areas * Job creation * Economic development * Poverty

I believe in accountability and transparency. I have twelve years experience in Municipal governance, I hold a Diploma in Municipal Administration and certifications in the management and operation of Arenas, Landfills, and Cemeteries. In my role as Chief Administative Officer I had the opportunity to interact, discuss and devise resolutions to local issues with various Provincial Ministers as well as Admunistrstors and Councillors from surrounding communities.

I am a father to Kyle, Carter and Kennedy. I am involved In many community activities including coaching minor hockey and little league baseball. In our spare time we enjoy camping, fishing and spending time with family and friends at the lake.

I feel I can be an accessible, honest, hardworking, dedicated advocate and voice with new energy and ideas for all the people in the Current River Ward and am thankful and enthusiastic for the opportunity to serve the community. 


Cell 474-9223

2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections