Jim Stadey

Jim Stadey

With my background in business and years of volunteering I have seen first hand our passionate city filled with community champions working on issues at the grass roots level. I want to help represent those voices.

Our city needs to be more open with the budget process, people need to understand what their taxes are used for and how to be involved in the conversation. I want to open up this process and the details involved so that constituents can feel confident in pushing their opinions to representatives.

We need to deal with crime in a proactive way as a community in order to move the needle forward and make people feel safe. We need core funding for organizations that lead community safety and food security initiatives. This will allow them the time and resources to be even more effective. This will also allow the TBPS to divert resources to issues of violence and drug related crime, while helping promote crime prevention at the neighbourhood level.

We need to get together as a community and decide what sort of capital projects we want to take on and then push it up to the Provincial and Federal Government instead of waiting for whatever funding they offer and trying desperately to just make it work.

Well it is time to enforce transparency, ethics and dialogue. The other option is accept mediocrity in our homes and community. Together we can build the city we all want to live in.




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2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections