Kim Ducharme

Kim Ducharme

As a community member for over 30 years, an ACTIVE Child and Youth Care Practitioner and Professor at Confederation College, I have been ENGAGED in our community in a variety of activities, roles and commitments. I have served in several family/children’s social service agencies, both in direct service and MANAGEMENT. I have extensive experience serving on various Boards, as well as significant volunteer and advocacy work.

My penchant for GETTING THINGS DONE, my experience and passion for life are qualities you can count on! Like you, I believe PROACTIVE DECISION MAKING needs to be the new norm for our city council. Dealing with small problems before they develop into bigger problems is what's COST EFFFECTIVE. Like you, I believe in a city council that will engage in continuous and deliberate self-reflection/assessment to ensure efficient services and economical decision making. I believe in the need for improved TRANSPARENCY, increased ACCESSIBILITY and greater ACCOUNTABILITY from our city council. I’m not one to shy away from asking the tough questions. I’m that person who wants to know HOW decisions get made and WHY, I know you are too!

I love Thunder Bay and currently our city’s REPUTATION is problematic. We need to start having the difficult CONVERSATIONS about that. POLICING and SAFETY are issues atop everyone’s mind. We need the courage and drive to change those aspects of our community that have allowed these issues to intensify.  

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