Letizia Tremonti

Letizia Tremonti In the latest Pastoral Letter, “Renewing the Promise,” it states that trustees “are entrusted with the profound responsibility of stewardship of the mission of Catholic education.”

As your elected trustee, this responsibility would be at the heart of my every decision whether it be policy formation, strategic planning, approval of budget guidelines, or representing parent voices at the Ministry level. I would work diligently to bring all parent and community concerns to the table so that each stakeholder is heard in an atmosphere of honesty, openness, thoughtfulness and respect. With high hopes, parents send their very best to school every day. And every day is an opportunity to celebrate the potential in each child.

I am blessed to have been a member of the TBCDSB for 31.5 years, having recently retired on December 31 as principal of St. Martin School. Over the last 14 years as an administrator there have been many great moments, the proudest was being chosen as CPCO Principal of the Year by my colleagues in 2017. For the past 40 years, I have been a faithful parishioner of St. Dominic’s Church, of which the last 25 years I have served as Eucharistic Minister.

Starting this fall, I accepted a position at the Faculty of Education as Faculty Liaison. My last thoughts are for the students, and the parents I will represent. They are the reason I became an educator and as your trustee, they are the reason that I will do my very best to ensure their future is a bright one.

2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections