Linda Rydholm

Linda Rydholm

Four generations of Linda’s family have lived in Neebing, and she feels a special connection to the Ward. Overall, helping residents is gratifying - although it can be frustrating when projects take awhile. Her dedication has been shown with a huge variety of issues and projects throughout the Ward. People know that they can contact her for help. Linda perseveres and does her best.

Linda has volunteered some of her time and energy as an elected Board Member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). The FCM advocates for Federal policy and funding for municipalities across the country. For Thunder Bay, the Federal coffers have responded with about $10 Million annually (Federal Gas Tax and GST Rebate) and millions of infrastructure dollars (transit, library, waterfront, etc). Linda brings the Northwestern Ontario perspective to Ottawa and explains the Federal position at home.

There is always more work to do. Linda looks forward to resolving current and new issues such as the James St bridge, traffic flow, road safety, water drainage, park development, riverbank erosion, and road maintenance.


Phone: 475-7668

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