Lori Paras

Lori ParasAs an established entrepreneur in Thunder Bay, I can bring fresh energy into the public service. The experience and knowledge that I have acquired in running a business translate directly into the role and responsibilities of a Councillor at Large. Networking and building relationships have also been a big part of my journey and it will come in handy as I engage with the community to listen and learn.

My commitments to the people of Thunder Bay are as follows:

- End the spending of tax dollars on projects that we cannot afford 

- Advocate on your behalf for a decrease in your city water bill 

- Fight to end the continuous increase to commercial and residential taxes 

- Ensure that we adhere to the governance in the decision-making process 

- Establishing relations with the Indigenous community to foster reconciliation

I believe that I have the background and experience to be an effective Councillor at Large and bring a new perspective to ensure that priorities align with community needs.

If elected, I will do my best to be fair, listen to all views and try to uphold the communities interests through your voice.





2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections