Margaret Wanlin

Margaret Wanlin

Thunder Bay is a great city – but we can do better and be better! Our spectacular natural environment affords a great lifestyle for many. Our economy has strengths, but needs reinforcement with stable, well-paying jobs. We have challenges to be an inclusive, safe community with opportunities for all.

I am committed to: 

- Effective and cost-efficient municipal services
- Tax increases at the inflation rate or less
- Community-driven economic development supporting local entrepreneurs and new investors
- Stronger collaboration
- Stronger neighbourhoods and walkability, increasing density
- Adequate social housing and supports
- Reducing the city government’s use of fossil fuels
- Working with Fort William First Nation and Indigenous organizations in the spirit of reconciliation
- Working with provincial and federal governments to get support for projects outside our scope.

I am a born and raised Thunder Bayite! For 30 years I have operated consulting and tourism businesses. I have worked with all levels of government and First Nations on economic development, forestry, mining and HR projects. I have worked with non-profits on health care, education, social services and community development. I have proudly served on provincial, regional and local boards and committees and would bring to Council governance and planning skills.

City Council must open its doors to new ideas and work with citizen to move in future-facing directions.

Please be in touch by:

Telephone: 627-1404



2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections