Mark Bentz

Mark Bentz

Having served the community in various capacities over the past 25 years, I would like to put my knowledge and experience to work for the people of Thunder Bay again. My experience includes leadership roles in economic development, social services, education and government having served as a director on numerous organizations as well as having been elected to City Council and the Board of Education.

My platform is a simple one: I will make policy decisions that are in the best long-term financial interests of the City with an eye on infrastructure and enhancing quality of life in our community. Investments in our physical and social infrastructure are a must if we are to control costs and make Thunder Bay an attractive place to raise a family or start a business

My position on taxation is that we must keep any increases in line with inflation over the next term of Council.

My track record is one of getting results. I served as Chairman of the Waterfront Committee that oversaw the creation of Prince Arthur’s Landing, a project that attracted over $100 million in private, federal and provincial investment into the Thunder Bay economy. I believe that seeking out, and successfully attracting outside investment is a key feature of successful cities; we need to do more of that.

Above all, I am committed to being accessible to you. I will host regularly scheduled town hall meetings to provide a forum for questions and community discussion for all citizens.

Cell:  (807) 628-6910

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