Mark Figliomeni

Mark Figliomeni

With eight years experience in municipal governance as both a Councillor and Mayor, and with a clear understanding of the role of Council, I welcome the opportunity to represent the City of Thunder Bay with a vision that supports the well-being of every citizen. I am confident that my experience, knowledge, and strong leadership skills can bring a fresh, new perspective to City Hall. As current Vice Chair of the District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board I am aware of the conscientious, untiring work that is necessary to ensure all people have the right to dignity, respect and quality of life.

Supported by my wife and five beautiful daughters I am committed to working hard on behalf of you, the people of Thunder Bay.

As a member of council, I will serve with integrity, compassion and courage to:

• represent the public and consider the well-being and interests of the city;

• develop and evaluate policies and programs of the city;

• determine what services the city provides;

• ensure that administration policies, practices and procedures are in place to implement the decisions of Council;

• ensure accountability and transparency of the operations of the city, including the activities of senior management of the city;

• maintain the financial integrity of the city and

• carry out the duties of Council under legislation.

Transparency, accessibility and accountability, you can count on me.

Thank you.

Mark Figliomeni  

Phone or Text 807-823-0264



2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections