R.M. Zale

R.M. Zale

I was born and raised in Port Arthur, attended elementary school, then secondary education at PACI, and post–secondary education at Lakehead University. Being a semi-retired businessperson, I have the time to devote to the pressing matters of governance, efficiency, sustainability and curriculum that lie before the Lakehead Board of Education, especially with the recent change of Provincial Government.

I reside in the Municipality of Shuniah, which gives me good insight into the needs and challenges of rural schools, while my continued employment keeps me abreast of all issues within education policy across the City. I was a Director and Chair of Thunder Bay & District Crime Stoppers, and Provincially appointed to the Shuniah Police Services Board for 8 years, a member of the Shuniah First Response Team and a member of the Shuniah Police Committee.

My business background, and Committee work has equipped me with the knowledge and insight to seek efficiencies and solve sustainability challenges within the budget process, given my knowledge of the intricacies of Provincial funding processes. I consider myself a team player and can call upon contacts at all levels of government to assist me as Trustee, to ensure adequate and informed debate, and take informed decisions. I look forward to the opportunity to promote and participate in discussions with all stakeholders, in order to realize the Lakehead Board’s Strategic Plan, and communicate that plan to ratepayers.

Phone: 807-630-9900

Email: bobzale99@gmail.com

2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections