Shane Judge

Shane Judge2

My goal as mayor is to make Thunder Bay a more attractive place to live and invest. I want our city to look nicer. I want lower taxes. The condition of our roads suggests we don’t care. So why should investors? I’ll fix that.

Our property taxes are some of the highest in Ontario. We’ll get them lower. I will begin the process of reducing spending by cutting the size of city council.

I’m also seeking a mandate to eliminate the ward system. The province has ruled that a candidate no longer has to live in a ward to run in that ward. So why bother? I have an alternate model for bringing neighbourhood issues to the attention of politicians.

Per capita, we spend almost twice as much as the average municipality on city hall operations. I believe this is why for the last four years the tax levy has increased above the rate of inflation. My goal is to cut $17 million from our $250 million budget. $17 million is the size of TBaytel’s annual dividend. Instead of spending that dividend each year, I’ll see that the dividend is used to pay down our record debt and re-build our depleted reserves. Then we can stop putting off major infrastructure projects because we can’t afford them. I also oppose the Stormwater Management Fee.

Phone: 473-9596

Facebook: ‘Shane Judge’

Mail: 416 Catherine St. P7E 1K8

2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections