Sue Doughty-Smith

Sue Doughty-SmithI have dedicated my life to promoting public education. Recently retired after serving more than 40 years as a Student Support Professional and union executive, I have seen a number of challenges that will affect the increasingly diverse needs of our students.

With young grandchildren in the public school system, I am motivated to continue to use the knowledge, skills and relationships that I have built to help support future decision making that will benefit not only my grandchildren but all students. We must have a board of trustees that is prepared to stand together to protect public education and ensure that funding efficiencies do not put our students' needs at risk.

My professionalism, honesty and integrity will allow me to sit as an effective, thoughtful trustee. I offer a voice with a fresh perspective that is grounded in my wealth of knowledge of how the system truly works.


2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections