Trudy Tuchenhagen

Trudy Tuchenhagen

I have been a trustee with the Lakehead School Board for four terms. During this time I have held the position of Vice Chair of the board, Vice Chair of SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee), as well as having been a member on all board committees. As a trustee, it is important to participate in all these committees.

This is where a trustee hears and becomes aware of the concerns of the parents and community members about our public education system, and the well being of our students. I have also been involved in various other community organizations in the past: Community Living, Multi-Cultural, and German Canadian Society. During my working career, I was a classroom teacher, held specialist certification in special education, and worked with special education students in our board.

This experience gave me the awareness of the needs of all students. Each student's needs must be met and supported to meet their full potential, to realize their dreams and become a valuable member of society. This is why I am running for trustee. Please vote Trudy Tuchenhagen trustee.


Address: 1412 Spenser Road

Phone: 767-4931

2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections