Viktor Saari

I'll vote no on any purposed tax levy increases, or any new proposed taxes. Property tax has been rising 2-4 percent over the last four years. That's not fair to the tax-payer, and it will stop. We have to bring in jobs, careers for that matter. Much of what we do right now runs off of subsidies; if those subsidies were ever removed, our economic outlook would look very bleak. We have to become more diversified with a better private sector; this also helps take the burden off residents from paying 63 percent of our tax levy.

I want to make Thunder Bay a safe place again; I feel the only way of doing that is having a more prominent police presence in the city. Citizens need to feel safe when they go outside. We’ve been the murder capital of Canada (per capita) five out of seven years. That's how we're known Nationally, and that has to change, and it has to change quickly.

We have to get a bridge over the Kaminisquia, plain and simple and it begins now. I don’t like that we’re suing a corporation, who had nothing to do with damaging the bridge. No wonder big companies don’t want to come here and do business. I plan on relentlessly pursuing funding from our local provincial and federal representatives. We should be getting funding from those two entities; it's pathetic that we haven't. We need a change.

Twitter: @ViktorSaari

2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections