Wesley Ramage

Wesley Ramage

I’m a lifelong resident of Thunder Bay, a proud McIntyre resident and a strong advocate for our great city. It was an easy choice for my wife and I to decide to stay in Thunder Bay to raise our family. I’m a father of two young children and have a vested interest in seeing our city move forward. Currently, I am a teacher with the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board and I am also a proud serving member of the Canadian Forces Army Reserves.

Outside of my profession I am consistently giving my time to various causes and committees such as my local OECTA Elementary Unit, Knights of Columbus, North McIntyre Recreation Centre and the North Western Ontario Association for Mathematics Education. Within these organizations I have had the privilege to be elected to many leadership positions.

Having lived in the ward for a number of years, I’ve not only become versed about concerns specific to our area but to the city as a whole. Safety, taxes, job creation and infrastructure seem to be the most prevalent. We need to find ways to reduce crime and enhance community safety, keep our taxes in line with inflation, create sustainable jobs and address infrastructure deficiencies such as road maintenance. I’m not promising that I’ll have the solution to every problem, but I can promise that I’ll work hard to be your voice at City Hall and that I’ll govern with transparency and integrity. It would be a great honour to represent you. I’d love to hear from you, please contact me anytime.

Phone: (807) 357-6677

Email: wesleyramage@tbaytel.net

Twitter: @wesleyramage

Facebook group: Wesley Ramage for McIntyre Ward Councillor 2018

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