Wolfgang Schoor

Wolfgang SchoorWhy am I offering my experience as our new Mayor?
I live here in Thunder Bay for the past 35 years; I am a widower, father of one fine son. I can help lead using an ‘ergonomics approach’, placing people first and foremost; a quantifiable means for people to re-discover the pleasures of a well-planned organizational structure.

Why elect me as your new Mayor?
I have exceptional and un-matched team building and people skills as a result of community, business, product development, creating social & physical environments as well as construction involvement in Germany and Canada for over 35 years.

I studied at various Canadian Universities the applied sciences of Ergonomics within Social and Physical Environments, Regional Planning, History including Indigenous Studies, Construction Technology. Trades, National Occupational Health, Home, Workplace and Community Safety.

The plan
I will strive to create warm accepting, supportive, work, business, construction and infrastructure; with an eye to establish rules of good conduct which are reinforced. These rules are designed, from within, to promote respect for the law, for self, for others and for property: the idea is to establish a sense of community, responsible citizenship, civility and coexistence.

Restore public health, safety and trust, rebuilt the infrastructure, invite businesses back into our city along with innovative means to gain back respect amongst our midst and an all-inclusive trust

Address: 238 Villa Street, Thunder Bay
Website: http://wolfgangschoor.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005795835620
Telephone: 1-807-344-3746
Email: wolfgang@tbaytel.net
Mayor Site: http://www.wolfgangschoor.com/mayor

2018 City of Thunder Bay Elections