Ensuring an accessible election

The City of Thunder Bay is committed ensuring that elections are accessible to everyone.  Measures to ensure equal opportunity for all electors and candidates include the following objectives:

  • That persons with disabilities are able to independently cast their vote and verify their selection.
  • That persons with disabilities have full and equal access to all information on where and when to vote and on eligible candidates.
  • That persons with disabilities can fully participate in the municipal election as an elector, candidate, or election official.
  • That efforts are made to ensure that electors with disabilities are aware of the accessibility measures available via channels such as the City of Thunder Bay election website, social media and by contacting the municipal elections office.
  • That all polling locations and voter help centres are accessible.
  • That all election staff are trained in providing accessible customer service and that they recognize that a voter’s needs shall be accommodated.
By voting, we add our voice to the chorus that forms opinions and the basis for actions.
Jens Stoltenberg
Norwegian politician and 13th Secretary General of NATO

Accessible voting methods

The City of Thunder Bay is dedicated to providing persons with disabilities the same independence and privacy as other voters when participating in the election. If persons with disabilities do require assistance in the voting process, trained Election Officials will be present at designated in-person polling locations throughout the voting period.

Voting methods for 2022 include:

  • Online voting.  Voting online provides voters with the capability to vote from the comfort of their own home. Voting from home facilitates the voting process for persons with disabilities who may have mobility restrictions, visual impairment, and/or have a difficult time with transportation. Additionally, persons who have assistive devices set up in their homes can now use them to assist with casting a ballot privately and independently.
  • Drive-thru voting.  Voters may use a drive-thru polling station by visiting the designated polling location in a vehicle.  There will be an opportunity for individuals to register their vote via paper ballot without leaving their vehicle.
  • In-person voting at voting locations.  For those individuals without means to access voting via internet, or who require the assistance of a trained Election Official, designated advance voting locations and Election Day voting locations will be open to provide in-person internet voting and/or paper voting opportunities via the ImageCast Accessible Voting Ballot Marker Device.  The ImageCast device provides multiple ways for voters to make choices on their ballot, including using the keypad, which includes braille, a rocker paddle device, a sip-n-puff device, and audio headphones.

More information about the City of Thunder Bay's commitment to an accessible election is available in the 2022 Municipal Election Accessibility Plan.

Quick reference guides for candidates

Candidates in the municipal election must consider the needs of electors with disabilities. Campaign offices, election materials and canvassing should all be reviewed in order to ensure that they are fully accessible. The Accessibility Directorate of Ontario has released several quick reference documents to assist candidates with accessible elections considerations:

Accessible All Candidates Meetings

Accessible Campaign Information and Communication

Accessible Constituency, Riding Association, Central Party and Campaign Offices

Free transit pass

Free transit will be provided for all citizens who wish to vote in-person at polls on one of the following days: 

Advance polls: October 5, 6, 12 or 13, 2022

Voting day:  October 24, 2022

All in-person polls are open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Please present your Transit Pass (found at the bottom of your Voter Information Letter) to your bus driver to and from the poll.

Plan your transit trip with Google Maps and find real-time bus stop departure times at

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